When a 60-foot dragon skeleton was fed in China, the whole world marveled – VIDEO INSIDE

A 60-foot-long skeleton has been discovered by Chinese villagers who are convinced it is the remains of a DRAGON.

Residents of the city of Zhangjiakou in northern China’s Hebei province stumbled upon the mysterious bones and filmed their discovery.

A “dragon skeleton” was discovered by Chinese locals in the city of ZhangjiakouCredit: AsiaWire

The remains measured 60 feet, but locals aren’t sure how they got thereCredit: AsiaWire

It has not yet been confirmed what the remains are, but the discovery has sparked interest on social media.

The skeleton consists of a large skull and two tiny arms stretching across an area of ​​grass. zzz

Unlike dragons depicted in western mythology, zzz. Traditional Chinese kites have no wings and fly “swimming” through the air.

Dragons recently took the spotlight following the screening of the final series of fantasy epic Game Of Thrones.

In the last episode, a zombie dragon blasted the series’ famous wall with what appeared to be blue fire.


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