The Lost City of Atlantis Have Been Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean

The Lost City of Atlantis is one of the most famous lost cities of all time. Although experts have yet to confirm whether the city has ever existed in the first place, there are hundreds of unknown cities out there that have yet to be named.

That’s right, there are hundreds of submerged ancient cities that are written off as random constructions that broke off from the sides of the countries to which they were attached, and yet many of them definitely deserve a second look, as they show some rather interesting signs that they were built by a technologically advanced civilization in the first place.

Many believe that although many of them are not parts of the ancient Lost City of Atlantis, they are actually built by the same builders who built the ancient Atlantis itself.

Plato himself mentioned how the Atlanteans were the most advanced people out there, so who else could have built them in the first place?

This could also be linked to the Ancient Astronauts’ theory, which effectively states that an ancient race of aliens came from outer space to share their technology and knowledge with us in exchange for our continued servitude.

They effectively enslaved us and helped us to reach new heights by sharing what they had with us. This is how we can explain the hundreds of artifacts that prove to be too advanced for any ancient civilization to be created.




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