10,000-year-old rock art discovered in the Indian village of Medikonda

Rock art containing tiger, human and animal figures was found at the Jogulamba Gadwal site in Telangana, India.

The New Telangana History Group (NTHG), which is seeking undiscovered art treasures dating back to the paleolithic period, discovered rock art at Fakkeeroni mitta near Medikonda hamlet in the Jogulamba Gadwal district.

Hanumanngari Vema Reddy revealed their 10,000-year-old discovery, saying they discovered colorful rock art six feet long and four feet wide. Images of tigers, human figures, and wild creatures can be seen in rock art. The artist’s expression clearly demonstrates the depth of his mastery of the mechanics of this art form.

Though such images were identified earlier in rock art found in Pandavula gutta, Goparajapalli, Hastalapur, Vatti Malla, the Medikonda rock art is different, Reddy told the Deccan Chronicle. ‘A man hunting the tiger’ is a distinctive one as it was not found elsewhere in Telangana state so far, he said.

When Telangana state was founded in 2014, there were just 18 areas where rock art could be found. According to Reddy, the number of rock shelters has already risen to 60. The archaeological department unearthed 18 of them, others discovered 16, and the New Telangana History Group has discovered 26 so far.

Lamenting the reckless destruction of hills and hillocks in the name of development, he warned that Telangana’s legacy, which has been kept for thousands of years, will become extinct.



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