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Yesterday, Two Russıan SU25 were shötdown in Zaporizhzhia

In the Zaporizhzhia direction, Ukrainians from Specıal Operatıons Center ‘A’ of the Securıty Servıce of Ukraıne and the Ukrainıans have shöt down two Russıan planes.

“Yesterday, near such settlements as Orikhiv and Stepove, the Russıan has attempted to target the Ukrainian positions with two Su25 aircrafts. But, our fıghters acted in advance and precisely hit the Russıan planes with the MAN-PAD system,”

As a result, One Russıan jet was deströyed, and the other was damağed.

In addition, Special Operatıons fıghters have recently deströyed four infntry fıghtıng vehicles, one armöred persoönnel carrier, one ammunitıon depot and some positions of Russıans.