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War in the air: NATO track and intercept Two Russian Superjet around Turkey’s NATO airspace

Russian jets fly into Turkey’s NATO airspace hours after US Air Force flies around area
TWO RUSSIAN JETS have been spotted flying over Turkey’s NATO airspace just hours after the US Air Force appeared to avoid the area, reports claim.

An RA-89075 Ir Aero Russia Superjet 95-LR-100 and an RA-89085 Sukhoi OKB Russia Superjet 100-95B were seen flying in opposite directions around Turkey at around 12.20am. The two Russian registered jets were travelling at between 452.6 and 392.5 nautical miles per hour respectively.

@CivMilAir shared screenshots showing the two Kremlin-backed jets flying over Turkey.
They said: “Meanwhile, not avoiding Turkish airspace… 2 x Russian registered jets.
“Turkey – the ONLY @NATO member country that still allows Russian registered aircraft to come & go freely.”

Another separate post highlighted how a US Air Force aircraft flew over Bulgaria to avoid Turkey’s airspace.

The RQ-4 Global Hawk could be seen moving away from Turkey while flying over neighbouring Greece as it moved towards the Balkan EU member state.

The post claimed: “Avoiding Turkish airspace – 51,000ft heading out over the Black Sea from NAS Sigonella, Sicily.”
Avoiding crossing into Turkish territory could be a move by NATO members to avoid placing Turkey into a difficult diplomatic situation due to its close ties with Russia.