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US Testing New $ Billion Aircraft Carrier Shocked The World

US Testing New $ Billion Aircraft Carrier Shocked The World.
in every four aircraft carriers in the world belongs to the United States. And their total combined deck space is more than double that of all other nations combined. But the biggest worry for competing nations isn’t that, it’s the United States’ Supercarrier.

This $13 billion aircraft carrier holds the title of the largest, most powerful aircraft carrier in the world. Now, there have been many supercarriers over the years with one losing the title after a successor is introduced – like the James Bond title. Welcome to USS John F. Kennedy – the 21st-century Supercarrier.

As was the dedicated first all-purpose aircraft carrier, angled flight deck, catapult launches, ski slopes, vertical take-off and landing fighter’s, Radar and much more. Briton from the industrial revolution that started hear has always been a world leader.