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US Billions $ Aircraft Carrier Is Finally Ready For Action

US Billions $ Aircraft Carrier Is Finally Ready For Action.
At $13 billion, the USS Gerald Ford Supercarrier is the most expensive aircraft carrier ever built. The leader of the largest, heaviest, most powerful aircraft carrier class in history, it is now ready for deployment, to project the might of the United States military across the globe, and to take on any adversary that might consider themselves near-peer – including aircraft carriers from Russia and China. And so, no one ever dares.

This has been the case of total dominance for the USS Ford over the last decade, until now – as China has just launched a new aircraft carrier that’s certain to be more lethal and more advanced than any aircraft carrier that isn’t of the US. Here, we find out if the American Supercarrier now has a Chinese contender – and what exactly is this new aircraft carrier that China has just launched.