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Ukraine Used Tochka-U Ballistic Missiles To Destroy Russia

Recently, a video circulated of Ukrainian forces firing three large tactical ballistic missiles at Russian positions.

The Tochka, also known as the SS-21 Scarab, is a road-mobile short-range ballistic missile that was initially assembled during the time of the Soviet Union. In 1976 entered military service and then exported to Ukraine.

The Tochka-U is an improved version of the Tochka using a new missile propellant to increase the range to 120 km and an improved CEP (Circular Error Probable) to less than 95 m. Each single-stage missile is 21 feet long and weighs 4,400 pounds, and its warhead is 1,058 pounds. The warhead has high explosive power, but under the Soviets, this missile is nuclear or chemical capable.