Sensational find in Syria: researchers find mosaic from Roman times (video)

Watch the video: Impressive mosaic from Roman times in Syria discovered.
Impressive archaeological find in Syria. A mosaic from Roman times has been uncovered. Experts estimate that the work is around 1600 years old. According to archaeologists, the mosaic, while not the oldest of its kind, is the most complete and rarest. The head of the excavations in Al-Rastan, Humam Saad, described the find on site on Wednesday: “Here is part of the slab. It is not complete. It continues towards the street and the neighboring house. We also have important archaeological elements, such as found the gate and pillars. And we plan to continue the excavation.” Authorities believe the artwork is extremely rare. Scenes from the Trojan War are shown, among other things. The mosaic, about 20 meters long and six meters wide, was discovered under a building in the northern Syrian district of Homs.



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