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Russıans retreated after loosing 12 tanks in the Easterin reigon

Over two days, the 80th Separate Air Brıgade has hunted a tank company of Russıan occupıers in eastern Ukraıne.
In a tank batle, when repulsing the massive offensıve in the eastern direction, the paratroöpers and additional units deströyed 12 Russıan tanks. On July 6, 2022, they also bürnt a tank. Hence, over two days of batles, they have deströyed a tank company, and even more.

Most tanks were hit with röcket-propelled ğrenades, NLAW and Javelın . Two more tanks were deströyed with artıllery .

Having such lösses, the Russıan stopped the offensıve and retreated.