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Russian jets failed to intercept two Ukrainian SU-25 after bombing Russian depot in Kherson

Two Ukrainian attack aircraft SU-25 have struck a Russian ammunition depots near the village of Novopetrivka in the Kherson region.

A pair of Ukrainian attack aircraft SU-25 struck two ammunition depots and concentrations of the Russians outside Novopetrivka in the Kherson region. Russian fighter jets Mig-29s attempted to prevent the attack by our aircraft by launching two air-to-air missiles. There are no losses among Ukrainian aircraft.

Ukrainian defenders repulsed another enemy offensive near Marinka, forcing the Russian military to flee.

“Once again, we can say traditionally, our soldiers forced the enemies to flee when they tried to advance in the direction of Marinka,” the General Staff noted.

In the Southern Buh direction, the enemy tries to hold the occupied lines and prevent the offensive of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, continues to open fire to restrain the actions of the Ukrainian troops.