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Russıan helicopters tried to welcome Poland’ and Czech tanks in Ukraine

Two Russian helicopters tried to welcome Poland and Czech tanks in Ukraine but both of them were down.

The Ukrainians use on the front the T72 tanks given to us by Poland and the Czech Republic

Ukraine has received more than 230 Warsaw Pact-designed tanks from Poland and the Czech Republic.

Ukrainians have been using T72s for decades and have maintenance and spare parts capabilities, in addition to trained crew.

Poland’s donation of tanks has been partly back-filled by alternatives from allied nations, including Challenger 2 tanks from the UK.

In other hand US said it would be sending four HIMAR systems to Ukraine to help the country defend itself .
It is thought the HIMAR has arrived close to the frontline in the last few days as on 22 June, the Ukrainian armed forces said they were still waiting for the US system to arrive.

It comes as other social media pictures put out by Ukrainian defence sources are increasingly showing the use of other Western systems such as the French 155mm CAESAR self-propelled heavy artillery.