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Russia Shocked: US Tests MOST DANGEROUS Space Hypersonic Weapon


Unknowingly to most people, Russia and China have been attacking US satellites every single day. Both countries have also tested hypersonic weapons that enable them wreak havoc on the United States. Now, it’s the US’s turn to make a move in this intercontinental chess game – and they’ve just made one that could almost qualify them as a grandmaster – one that involves watching over the entire world from Space every second of every day. Because as recent news shows, these threats are as real as ever.

Russian defense officials have revealed that the country fired its Kinzhal air-to-ground hypersonic missile into Ukraine in an attack on March 18, 2022. This marks the first time this missile, which travels at five times the speed of sound, has been used in combat. And Ukraine, with no defenses against hypersonic weapons, was defenceless against the Kinzhal, causing many to consider this an overkill. China’s entry into this threatening stance comes in the form of a larger hypersonic missile than the Kinzahl – and is five times faster too, it’s known as the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System.