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Young Elephant Shot in the Trunk Recovers from ɪɴᴊᴜʀʏ Thanks to Pet Product and Lots of Love

Lerumo is fully healed and living at the Elephant Haven Wildlife Foundation’s rescue after getting shot in the trunk by a farmer in Botswana several months ago

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Looking at four-year-old Lerumo today, you would never be able to tell the struggles she and her trunk have endured.
Several months ago, the young African elephant and her mother were shot at by farmers while walking in Botswana. Some of the bullets from the farmers’ shotguns tore through Lerumo’s trunk, leaving a gaping hole in the appendage. The shock and pain of the attack caused Leurmo and her mother to flee and accidentally run through an electric fence near a safari camp, according to Debra Stevens, the co-founder of the Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation.

The Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving the African elephant population in Botswana by working with local communities. As a part of this effort, Elephant Havens opened an rescue orphanage in Botswana to care for injured and orphaned elephants.
Elephant Havens received a call about Lerumo and her mother after the animals crashed through the electric fence into a safari camp and refused to leave the area. Unfortunately, Lerumo’s mother was euthanized, but Elephant Havens, working with the Botswanian government, was able to get Lerumo transferred to their orphanage.

“Lerumo was larger and older than any elephant we had ever rescued and probably above what we would consider rescuing. She would have been fine out on her own, except for her injuries,” Stevens told PEOPLE.

Because of the large hole in the trunk left by the farmers’ bullets, Lerumo had little hope of surviving on her own. Elephant Havens knew they would need to address the injury to give Lerumo a chance at returning to the wild.

“Our vet tried to stitch the trunk, but it was just too much of a gaping hole and would not hold. That’s when we started just applying Silver Honey, and that’s all we did. And, I’m not kidding you, in three weeks, this gaping hole went down to nothing,” Stevens said of Lerumo’s recovery process.

“A lot of vets are familiar with using medical-grade silver or manuka honey, but this is the first time they’ve come together in one product, and the results have been pretty remarkable,” she added.

Elephant Havens knew to try Silver Honey on Lerumo because of a recommendation a veterinarian in Bostwana gave Stevens.

“We’ve used it so much, and it was so incredible,” Stevens said.

“It kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs. It protects the tissue and doesn’t harm the skin’s natural microbiome. It actually helps that heal. So it’s protecting from the outside, protecting from bacteria getting in, and helps everything heal from underneath. It’s also antibiotic-free,” Murray added about why the product works well on all sorts of animals.

According to Murray, cat and dog owners can use the products to treat their pets’ scrapes, rashes, dermatitis, and bug bites. W.F. Young has also heard about all sorts of animals benefitting from Silver Honey, including monkeys, turkeys, guinea pigs, and, of course, elephants.

“Everybody is so excited,” Murray said of the company’s reaction to Lerumo’s recovery.

Between the healing provided by Silver Honey and the devoted love and care Lerumo received from Elephant Havens, the injured elephant is now fully healed and enjoying her time “acting as a mother to the younger babies” at the orphanage.

“Lerumo is incredible. I am so happy to report that she is the sweetest. She is with the herd. She is out,” Stevens said of Lerumo’s current status.
To learn more about Lerumo and the Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundations, visit the nonprofit’s website.