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Woman ran the marathon while carrying a stray puppy she had rescued along the way

Khemjira Klongsanun, like every other athlete, possesses the perfect amount of desire and competition. She really likes running and has competed in a number of races.

Khemjira, on the other hand, showed in one of her marathons in Bangkok, Thailand, that she is more than just a great athlete.

A puppy on the side of the road appearing lost caused her to pull over and forget about the race. It was a 26-mile run, and she was only on mile 7, but seeing that tiny dog there, with no mother in sight, she couldn’t help but save her. She came to a halt, took her up, and carried her for the duration of the marathon. She didn’t hand the dog to someone in the crowd; instead, she carried it all the way to the finish line, forming a link that will be difficult to break.

After the race, they paid a brief visit to the location where she discovered the pup to see whether her siblings or mom were still there, but they were not, so Khemjira took the dog home with her. Khemjira named the dog Nom Chom, and she now has a lifelong home.

Nom Chom has had a vet visit, and she is happy and being cared for by her new human mom and fur siblings.

During a 26-mile marathon run, she rescued a lost dog stuck on the side of the road.

Rather than leaving her, she elected to race beside the dog to the finish line.

Look at them as they waved to the crowds clapping for them.

They’re posing for the cameras. Aren’t they cute?

They even went back to where the puppy was found, but neither its mother nor its siblings could be found.

Khemjira decided to keep the dog, whom she named Nom Chom.Look at Nom Chom basking in the sun and getting some much-needed beauty rest!You know how difficult it is to get lost?

Do you suppose they’re debating the rules and deciding who’s in charge?

Here’s another image of Nom Chom looking relaxed and at ease amid the amenities of a wonderful house.

Look at those lovely onesie sets!

A video of Khemjira carrying the dog during the marathon is available here: