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Unusual Phenomenon: Pyramids around the World Suddenly Beaming Energy Towards Mysterious Space Cloud

A lot of people believe that pyramids are just tombs made by the Ancient Egyptians. Some only expand their mindset to the point where they believe that they were made as burial sites for the pharaohs, but the truth is that most of them weren’t even that, to begin with.

Take for example the famous Giza pyramids. They never had any coffins inside, no human remains, etc.

This is why a new theory emerged from the many debaters around the globe which refer to a certain set of galactic clouds known as “Local Interstellar Clouds”. The theory states that these pyramids were built to attract these clouds all along.

If you don’t believe in these clouds however you should know that NASA themselves already confirmed them in 2009 when they declared that our system will be passing through one such cloud in the near future.

This cloud is about 30 light-years wide and it’s mostly made out of hydrogen and helium atoms. They burn up when in contact with one another, which is why this cloud is actually around 6,000 degrees Celsius most of the time. What has scientists baffled however isn’t that, it’s the “Fluff” that surrounds it. According to most scientists’ reports, it appears to be magnetized to the cloud, submerging itself in it somehow.

This cloud is, strangely enough, coming closer and closer to our system, and the closer it gets it appears to cause more and more mayhem around our pyramids

We’re talking earthquakes, solar storms, or even cosmic activity which is coming out of nowhere around them.