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Unexpected slab: Mysterious tunnel underneath the Mexican pyramid leads directly to the “underworld”

Every mythical tale, ancient text or book mentions the underworld.

It is always depicted as a dark, cruel, underground place, home to deadly mythical creatures. However, that may not be true.

Scientists have found a tunnel or underground passage beneath the Itza pyramid, the famous Mexican pyramid Itza Pyramid. This was discovered using carbon dating and electrical scans. Scientists believe that the tunnel’s scale and the distance it leads to is so large that it could support a civilization for many decades. This suggests that the possibility of an underground civilization that lived here in the past is possible.

According to experts, the tunnel starts about 35 feet beneath the ground and keeps going even further after that, and the space is so massive that it hasn’t been completely looted either. Legends say that the Underworld is a sacred area where all life, animals and plants originated.

Although it is thought that the tunnel was abandoned around 560 AD, carbon dating proves that it is much more ancient, built precisely around the first through the seventh centuries and then abandoned sometime later for unknown reasons.