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UFOs might originate from inside the earth, according to an underground race of aliens

In 1946, academics initially discussed an unidentified subterranean population. After author, journalist, and scientist Richard Shaver informed readers of the American paranormal magazine Amazing Stories of his encounter with aliens dwelling beneath the earth, this took place.

Shaver claimed to have spent several weeks with mutants who resembled demons and were mentioned in old myths and tales of humans.

By the way, almost every culture includes stories that describe a race of prehistoric creatures who lived on Earth millions of years before humans arrived. They are infinitely intelligent, skilled, and culturally sophisticated, yet they have little interest in interacting with others.

If not for the hundreds of reader responses claiming to have also visited underground cities, spoken with their residents, and witnessed various technological marvels that not only allowed the underground inhabitants of the Earth to live comfortably in its very depths but also gave them the opportunity to… control the consciousness of earthlings, one might attribute this “contact” to the author’s wild imagination.

Oddly enough, this amazing tale had a profound effect on scientists and rekindled their interest in paranormal research.

However, a number of authors, including Edgar Poe in Arthur Gordon Pym’s Narrative, Jules Berne in his book Journey to the Center of the Earth, and others, have asserted in their writings that the Earth is an empty sphere. These writers include Edmund Halley, an English astronomer who lived in the 17th century, and others.

Additionally, during the 18th and 19th centuries in the United States of America, it was even thought of as a possibility to outfit a special scientific expedition that would demonstrate that our planet is a hollow sphere and that it is simple to enter its depths through openings in the earth’s crust.

However, as it became clear over time, going underground is not that simple.

The “Kola well” in the Kola Peninsula in Russia, close to Murmansk, is by far the deepest hole. Beginning in 1970, it was drilled for scientific reasons.

The Kola well has a 7km depth after five years (about 23,000ft). The project was not completed until 1989 because the drill became caught in rock at a depth of little over 12 km (nearly 40,000 feet or 8 miles). That represents the depth that mankind have currently achieved.

Therefore, the Earth’s crust is far greater than has been discovered by scientists.