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Tomb of Mysterious Priest Discovered In Egypt

Recently, an ancient Egyptian tomb, dating back more than 4,000 years, has been discovered. It belongs to a priest named Kaires. The remains of the tomb were discovered near a pyramid in Abusir, Egypt.

It was found in a small chapel that had been ransacked and looted some time in the distant past. Despite the looting, archaeologists found the statue of Kaires. Interestingly, the tomb and chapel were found to have floors made of basalt, which was reserved only for the most important of people.

The burial site contains the remains of a small chapel and a tomb with inscriptions referring to Kaires:

“Kaires was the sole friend (of the king), overseer of all king’s works, keeper of the secret of the Morning House, steward of the royal palace, foremost of the House of Life, inspector of the priests serving in the pyramid complexes of kings Sahure and Neferirkare, priest of the goddess Hathor, mistress of the sycamore, in Cusae (a city in southern Egypt), custodian of the two thrones (i.e. of southern and northern Egypt), as well as a holder of several other titles.”

It’s unclear what pharaoh is being referred to in the inscriptions, but it could be Neferirkare, the statement noted.

“Even though the expedition is still running and the final analysis of all data and information collected will take a much longer time, it can be said even at this stage of works that this is a unique discovery of a tomb of an exceptional figure of the history of Egypt of the 3rd millennium BC,” the archaeologists wrote in the statement.