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This Baby Zebra Is Born With Dots Instead Of Stripes! Tap The Link to See All Photos of This Unique Creature

The mutated zebra is so rare and peculiar sighting in Maasai Mara, his name is Tira after the first person who spotted it, Antony Tira, a Masai guide. Unfortunately, melanistic zebra foal have a hard time surviving since their unusual colouring makes them stand out from the group, making them difficult to camouflage, and make them easy prey for predators.

This is the first time in the mara Reserve that a zebra with a polka dot pattern has been seen.

The polka dot look is caused by a genetic disorder known as pseudo-melanism, in which animals’ stripe patterns are incorrect.

Because the mutated zebra is such an uncommon and distinctive occurrence in the Maasai Mara, Antony Tira, a Masai guide, gave him the name Tira.

Cute. Mom was trying with spots rather than stripes. Lol. What a fascinating concept. He’s a fantastic little boy. Please allow him to grow up in a safe and strong environment.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t have stripes, he is still lovely. Momma Zebra appears to have been hanging out with the cheetahs. What a stunning foal.