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The aircraft pilot’s sighting of the UFO above Colombia was confirmed as real.

A UFO was spotted in the clouds by an Airbus A320 pilot when he was flying above Medellin, Colombia, on…

A UFO was spotted in the clouds by an Airbus A320 pilot when he was flying above Medellin, Colombia, on a routine trip.

Many experts now agree that the strange object that an eyewitness photographed is “real.”

Aiming it first at his altimeter, which showed that he was flying at around 30,000 feet, then out the window into the clouds, the pilot immediately reached for his phone and started filming the strange object.

The pilot zoomed in and saw a strange geometric metal item traveling straight ahead in the other direction.

In-depth analysis of the movie by Proof Is Out There on the History channel revealed that the UFO had polyhedral form. Interviews with other video experts were conducted after that.

One researcher put the object’s diameter at 10 and 15 feet, but it had a structure that is unmatched by any other flying object on Earth.

The aviation specialist concluded that the object was not a drone at all since it was moving too slowly to be a plane or a rocket.

In light of this background, it has been suggested that it may be a solar orb, although this is incredibly unlikely as they do not “survive” at such a high altitude.

I don’t have a good justification, the expert said. Because of this, the experts who were questioned determined that the tape showed a “real UFO.”

The pilot was able to quickly zoom in on the object since he had already seen it, followed it, grabbed his phone, and knew where to shoot, according to commentators who echoed the findings:

“Pilots need to have extraordinary vision in order to fly. Some commercial pilots have experience flying in battle for the military, necessitating ABOVE-AVERAGE vision. All pilots are obliged to visually scan the skies to prevent crashes.

The object stuck out because it moved more slowly than they did. It’s hardly surprising that he could notice it and then zoom in on it, one witness noted.

Many people think a UFO is a weather balloon sent to the earth to gather data or spy on it.

It’s also important to note that Navy FA-18 fighter pilots saw similar UFOs at 35,000 feet off the East Coast a few years ago.

The objects’ nature is presently being investigated by the Defense Department.

In Medellin, sightings are frequent. This South American city has earned the moniker “New Roswell” due to the sheer volume of strange events it has recorded.