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Nevada’s Ancient Giants and the Mysterious Lovelock Cave

A long-standing legend holds that our planet was once inhabited by a race of giants that destroyed everything they came into touch with.

They were vicious beasts who would murder and maim even their own when they felt threatened, and they would even cannibalize each own to maintain dominance over the fields.

According to legend, the Paiute, a tribe that settled in the Nevada region a few thousand years ago, referred to this race of Giants as the Si-Te-Cah, and that a fight took place between the Indian tribes and the Giants to determine who would rule the regions.

Despite their setback, the Paiute resolved to trick the giants by enticing them into Lovelock Cave, which they then closed once they had entered.

The Giants perished, and life went on as usual, with no trace of their presence, or so we believed.

The Lovelock Cave was recently found, and inside were signs of gigantic 15-inch footprints and even massive skulls that leave experts confused.

This is a great day for conspiracy theorists all throughout the world, since this is one theory that we can clearly claim is FACT, not FICTION.