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Mummy Found Inside A 1,000 Years Old Statue

On February 2015, a team of researchers at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands made a shocking discovery when they scanned an ancient Chinese Buddha statue and found a nearly 1,000-year-old mummy inside.

The mummy was found sitting on a bundle of cloth covered in Chinese inscriptions, which revealing its identity as a Buddhist master Liuquan.

The monk had evidently practiced the ancient tradition of self-mummification, in which Buddhist ascetics would starve themselves for a decade and essentially meditate themselves to death. They would go on to be revered as “living Buddhas.”

The statue had been on display at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands. Erik Brujin, an expert in Buddhist art and culture, led the research at Meander, where radiologists put the statue through a CT scanner to reveal the preserved body of Liuquan inside.

However, researchers aren’t certain when or how this monk’s organs were then removed. They also still waiting on DNA analysis results in hopes to trace the mummy back to its exact location in China.