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Men in Black – who and what they really are, as well as their agenda, is enigmatic and speculative.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star as secret agents defending humanity from the evils of the Universe in a successful series of films.

As for the reportedly real “Men in Black”, who and what they really are, as well as their agenda, is enigmatic and speculative.

The Maury Island Incident

1947 is considered by many to be the year in which the modern UFO age started, due mainly to two reported events which supposedly took place that year. In June Kenneth Arnold was to report seeing a number of metallic craft while flying near Mount Rainier in Washington state, and within a month a craft (and its alien occupants?) was said to have crashed on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico.

However, another incident took place allegedly before Roswell that kicked off another facet of UFO folklore: the mysterious Men In Black. We will touch on it very lightly here, but a man by the name of Harold Dahl reported in 1947 that, while scavenging for drifting logs, saw 5-6 “doughnut shaped” objects fly over his boat near an island near Washington. One seemed to be malfunctioning and ejected some metallic-like debris all over his boat which injured his son and kíllєd his dog.

He claims the next morning a strange-looking man, dressed in a black suit, appeared at his door and invited him for breakfast at a nearby diner. Even though Dahl had not told many people about the incident, the man, who was assumed to be a military or government representative, disclosed while they ate details about what had happened the previous day (as if he had been there in person) and made a veiled threat against his family if Dahl were to talk about what he had seen.

The “Maury Island Incident” is now considered to be a hoax, as Dahl has claimed before his dєαth that the story was made up, but then said the story was true but he had claimed it was false due to fears regarding the safety of his family. Whether the story was true or not, people soon afterwards begun claiming similar stories, and over time these stories started to become very bizarre.

Who are these ‘Men in Black’?

Since the 1950’s many UFO eyewitnesses have made claims of men visiting them soon after seeing a light or object in the sky, sometimes driving out of date black cars, and their behaviour has been downright disturbing and odd, in most (if not all) cases it is implied that the witness should not discuss publicly what they saw, and have been known to confiscate photos or any kind of material evidence supporting a sighting claim.

Many conspiracy theorists believe they are covert government agents who are part of a wider conspiracy to suppress public knowledge of the existence of extra-terrestrials or UFOs, and perhaps appear to intimidate and instil fear in a witness to make them doubt what they saw, or to take the focus away from the sighting by appearing and behaving strangely.

So who or what are these dark-clothed men?

Nobody knows for sure, but many theories have been put forth over the decades. It has been suggested since the early 1960’s that the M.I.B., or the Silencers, are in fact themselves extra-terrestrial in origin, or possibly even alien-human hybrids whose agenda possibly is to control and manipulate eyewitnesses into keeping quiet about what they have, or might have, observed. The fact that in almost every story that they appear and know about the sighting before witnesses have disclosed anything to others may support this theory.

Also the fact that they seem to act and speak in a bizarre fashion may also point to that conclusion, with some being seen to be wearing wigs, make-up and sometimes prosthetics. Their speech is sometimes slurred, uneven in tone and sometimes it seems to be an attempt to put on an accent with comical results.

More sinister reports are of two or more M.I.B.’s appearing at the foot of ones bed in the morning or at night, with glowing eyes and smelling of sulphur or brimstone. Are they supernatural in origin?

More than Human?

History is full of encounters with “men dressed in black” that have religious connotations that many regarded as encounters with the Devil or his minions, could these beings be using religious myths to frighten UFO observers in an Christian-entrenched society?

A  similar theory is that they are robots or androids operating on a kind of artificial intelligence, programmed to enforce a code of silence who may have been created by some of the governments of the world who are in league with extra-terrestrial beings. Another theory is that professional actors are employed to play these sinister figures to possibly deflect attention away from the UFO situation by creating a whole new “character” or entity to be feared of.

Who employs them to confuse and befuddle innocent citizens is a matter of debate, although many believe it is the Military, Air Force or a possible secret intelligence group who are still today orchestrating a major cover-up relating to the existence of extra-terrestrial life and their crafts and technology.

It is now known that in the early decades of the UFO era, many people associated with UFO research and investigation were befriended by agents from the government to keep a watch over and possibly control or manipulate the information circulating around concerning aerial phenomena and UFO’S, with original UFO civilian groups also being infiltrated as well.

Is the M.I.B. phenomena a more sinister way for whomever to get their point across?

There have been rare accounts of M.I.B.’s actually physically harming or kíllíng someone, but there are some reports of this nature which seem to indicate that they mean business and should be taken seriously. Whatever these people are, stories still abound to this day of visits from Men In Black, and in popular culture of course we have a series of comic books, an animated TV show and three motion pictures starring Will Smith that gives us the idea that yes, these men are human agents who work for a secret organisation whose task it is to control and monitor not only what humans see and experience in regards to extra-terrestrial life, but also police extra-terrestrial beings on Earth and save us and our planet from potential threats.

Could this have some grain of truth to it?
Are these “men” meant to appear disturbing and odd while being possibly our greatest protectors?
Why are we humans being kept in the dark about these “secret police officers?” And if they are not angelic, where did this idea start being ingrained into our mass conciousness and why?
Fact or fiction?
If fact, working for the Divine or are they malevolent beings?