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Many people claim to have seen numerous strange UFOs hovering around General Carrera Lake in Chile.

The witnesses assert that on June 23, 2019, around 4:48 p.m., they saw two black objects floating far above General Carrera Lake in Aysén, Chile. We’ve only seen a few photos so far, so we’re still waiting for their film to support their claims.

According to witnesses who were on a boat during the incident, the objects appeared to hover above the water, occasionally appearing and departing abruptly.

A small grey spherical unidentified object and an orb of light that appears to soar above the lake also materialized with these black objects out of nowhere. While others claim the objects are buoys, buoys don’t fly or disappear and then reappearance.

Did the witnesses indeed see a UFO? More evidence is necessary.

According to climber Ysaac Wichmann, who has significant knowledge of the region, these incidents have always been noticeable in the Aysén region, particularly in remote, uninhabited areas that are far away and difficult to access.

A member of his family who served in the Chilean military years ago witnessed this occurrence as they approached a small island in the Aysén region on a Navy ship. Their goal was to erect a lighthouse to help those who were traveling through those rivers with navigation and direction.

Before they reached the tower, they saw an oval metallic object fly vertically and softly approach the lighthouse until it reached a certain altitude. The object shot quickly into the air and quickly vanished from sight.

A few blurry photos aren’t enough evidence; we need more.