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Lake Salantina: A place where gravity does not work

There are many magnificent places on Earth secrets of which have not been unraveled by mankind. The anomalous processes that are occurring there are not susceptible to being explained by the laws of logic and physics.

According to, there is one anomalous zone in Argentina – Lake Salantina – where gravity just turns off from time to time. Unfortunately, this is a rare and chaotic occurrence. People are propelled into the air for several meters when the force of gravity is “switched off,” regardless of where they were at the time – in the sea or on the beach.

Caught up by an unknown force, people soar above the ground to a height of up to 3 meters. If they do not move, then they can hold out for about 30-40 minutes. At the slightest movement, weightlessness disappears. Scientists have not yet been able to find a logical explanation for this phenomenon.

The activity of the anomalous zone defies any logic. The duration of this anomalous phenomenon ranges from a few seconds to half an hour. Sometimes, in order to wait for the “disconnection of gravity”, people wait for several weeks on the shore. Sometimes gravity stops working several times a day.

There are no official studies on the lake, and experts are unable to provide a clear answer to the question of why gravity loss happens. One of the few researchers, physicist Carlos Penas, continually examines the zone of gravitational anomalies and claims that the gadgets never fail. Nothing indicates a “disconnection” in physical strength.

Some daredevils conduct experiments on the lake independently. Those who managed to get rid of gravity, argue that it is very scary and looks like swimming underwater. At the same time, gravity “turns on” is also very smooth, so the landings turn out to be successful.

Since 1997, locals and visitors have reported seeing circular flying objects on the lake and nearby. They usually shone brilliant yellow and flew out from beneath the water, or hid in it. There are several photographs of these UFOs in Argentine magazines and media.

Some experts believe that the occurrence of the weightlessness phenomena is directly related to the activities of unknown creatures at the lake’s bottom. Agreed, when gravity suddenly changes, you unconsciously begin to believe in extraordinary versions.

Carlos Penas shared his feelings from several cases of experiencing weightlessness: “The first time I was scared and didn’t understand anything. I was lifted one and a half meters above the water, and I began to wave my arms and scream. The impact ended quickly.”

“The second time I witnessed how a guy and a girl bathing in the lake were lifted into the air. After that, I began to spend a lot of time observing the lake. Over 20 years, I have collected more than 100 evidence of visits to Salantina by unidentified flying and floating objects. It seems to me that these two phenomena are related”

“No matter how much I communicate with physicists, no one could give a clear explanation. Therefore, one has to turn to the realm of hypotheses, which many consider unscientific. I managed to repeatedly see UFOs and levitating people with my own eyes.”

“Moreover, I felt it myself. How to describe the feeling? You seem to be in the water, only in the air and you can breathe. The main thing is not to move, otherwise, the impact on you will stop.”

What to say? This phenomenon has been studied by academic scientists for several years, but so far it has not been possible to explain it. Who knows what can cause local levitation over the lake? What do you think?