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In NASA images from Mars, a second alien spacecraft may be seen

In a picture from the official NASA website, another UFO can be seen gliding over the sky. Only this time, Mars is the location instead of Earth.

The image shows that the object is flying nearer to the rover since its form is more distinct. The object has completely disappeared, though, if we compare it to the second image, which was shot only a few seconds later.

Could this be evidence that UFOs use portals or move at extremely high speeds?

Let’s examine a few more images as judging from just one makes it impossible to understand the unique behavior connected to UFO sightings on Mars.

For instance, in this instance, we can see a black dot that appears on two subsequent Curiosity images. The issue is that different parts of both photos have the same black dot. We are unable to determine the form of the object, though, because of the great distance between the rove and the object.

Numerous light orbs are shown in another image from Mars and were also captured by Curiosity. In case you haven’t noticed, these UFOs are eerily similar to those observed on Earth. These orbs may be seen in eight different pictures.

We wanted to let you know with this article that the UFO phenomenon is not just observed on Earth but also occurs throughout the whole solar system, as you can see.