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“Humans Are Not Originally From Planet Earth,” a researcher claims.

Noted According to a US scholar, humans are not native to Earth and were transported here by aliens tens of…

Noted According to a US scholar, humans are not native to Earth and were transported here by aliens tens of thousands of years ago.

According to Dr. Ellis Silver’s published book, a sequence of physiological qualities show why humans did not evolve alongside other life forms on Earth, but rather had an alien origin.

Silver suggests that humans have back problems, which might be explained by the fact that we evolved in an environment with less gravity. It also means that our skin is sensitive to the sun and that we have trouble giving birth.

It also suggests that, while the planet mostly serves the requirements of humans, it may not be in the best interests of the species or the aliens that placed us here.

The environmentalist claims in his book Humans are not from Earth: a scientific review of the evidence that the human race has flaws that show they are not of this earth.

“Humanity is supposedly the most developed species on the planet,” Silver said in a statement to Yahoo, “but it is surprisingly inadequate and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: we are damaged by sunlight, we have a strong dislike for natural foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and plus.”

According to Dr. Ellis, people may experience back discomfort as a result of their evolution in a world with less gravity.

He also thinks it’s unusual that newborns’ heads are so big, because it makes it difficult for women to give birth, which can lead to the death of both the mother and the baby.

He claims that no other aboriginal species on the globe has this problem.

He also believes that humans are not built to be as exposed to the Sun as lizards are, since they cannot bask for more than a week or two and cannot be exposed to the Sun every day without harming themselves.

Dr. Ellis also argues that humans are constantly unwell, which sleep studies have proven might be because our biological clocks have evolved to wait for a 25-hour day.

According to Dr. Ellis:

“This is not a modern state of affairs.” The end of human history on Earth may be traced back to the same circumstances.”

It implies that Neanderthals such as Homo Erectus interbred with another species, maybe from Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to our solar system, located 4.37 light years away.

Professor Wainwright of the University of Sheffield believes that life is continually flowing in from space and hopes to perform additional investigation.

According to Dr. Ellis:

“My theory contends that mankind did not arise from that strain of life, but rather evolved elsewhere and was transferred to Earth (as fully grown Homo sapiens) between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.”