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UFO sighting: Mysterious ‘glowing white clouds’ on the Moon baffle alien expert

A UFO expert claims to have founds evidence of extraterrestrial activity on the Moon, unearthing NASA photographs taken during the Apollo 16 mission.

UFO expert Scott C Waring is certain intelligent extraterrestrials are monitoring humanity and thinks official NASA photos can back his claims. The conspiracy theorist has recently unearthed archival NASA photos snapped in 1972, during the Apollo 16 mission. The NASA photos appear to show “glowing white clouds”, which Mr Waring thinks could be alien in origin.

Mr Waring shared the picture on his blog ET Data Base and his YouTube channel, claiming they are the real deal.

He said: “While exploring NASA’s image atlas for the Apollo 16 mission, I came across many images that have a glowing white cloud UFO on the far left of the panoramic image.

“At first I was sceptical and took a closer look at the craft noting that the shape of the UFO changed shape several times.

“It is unknown if the cloud is a cloak for the craft or the cloud is the craft, but one thing is for sure, it moves fast and matched the speed of the Apollo module.”

In his opinion, the UFO or unidentified flying object was monitoring the Apollo 16 mission as it orbited the Moon.

He said: “Please notice that the UFO moves from the top of the photo and matches its speed with the Apollo module then at about 450 photos it begins to fall behind, apparently realizing that the Apollo craft was no threat.

“Also there were about 40 to 45 images that had a 100 percent focused cloud in its location and each of these images are slightly different than the next, not to mention that the lunar surface below the UFO changes in each photo the Apollo 16 module took.”

Mr Waring also pulled 458 still images of the UFO, which he arranged into a video clip on YouTube.

“So the similarities to the Mars UFO seem to show it is a ship.”

However, not everyone was convinced, with one viewer suggesting the “glowing clouds” are simply a reflection on the spacecraft’s windows.

It is very likely the UFO claims are the result of a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a trick of the mind that causes the brain to see shapes and patterns where they do not exist.

For example, when people see a dog-shaped cloud or a human face in a rock formation – that is pareidolia.

Astronomer Larry Sessions wrote in an article for “Maybe you’ve seen the proverbial bunny in a patch of clouds, or a clown’s face in a mud splatter on the side of your car?

“Seeing recognizable objects or patterns in otherwise random or unrelated objects or patterns is called pareidolia.

“It’s a form of apophenia, which is a more general term for the human tendency to seek patterns in random information.