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Heartbreaking A 4,500Lb Southern White Rhino ‘Weeping In Pain’ After Poachers Hacked Off His Horn

Heartbreaking images show a rhino with tears running down its face after its horn was hacked off by cruel poachers in South Africa.

The 4,500lb male Southern White rhino was left with a gruesome open wound and also had parts of the bone in its skull removed when it was attacked and left for dead in a game reserve.

The rhino can be seen lying its head on the ground with dried tear marks running down one eye as it begins its recovery at the charity Saving the Survivor’s reserve in North West Province in South Africa.

The extent of the rhino’s injuries are clearly visible in the images with its skull exposed behind the bloodied hole where the horn was removed by poachers.

Saving the Survivors is a team of wildlife vets whose mission is to save animals that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents.

Photographer Simon Needham, 55, who pictured the rhino from just yards away, said: ‘I work with several wildlife charities in South Africa.

‘When I heard about Saving The Survivors within the community and after hearing what they do I offered my time to photograph the rhino to help promote their need to raise money.’

Speaking about the male rhino, Simon explained: ‘Poachers butchered the rhino’s horns and removed parts of the bone in his skull as well.

‘The owners of the game reserve left him for dead for two weeks as he wasn’t worth a bullet to put him down, not without his horns.

‘The police noticed him and called Saving the Survivors to help him.

‘The owners gave him to Saving the Survivors as he was worthless to them. He was weak but had a strong will to survive.’

Simon said he spent time with the rhino to make him feel comfortable and approached him with great care.