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Extremely Rare The White Owl With Red Eyes Is Fantastically Magical

Albinism has been seen in creatures other than humans, and due to how uncommon it is, they always appear to be completely supernatural. Take, for example, this albino scream owl. Don’t confuse those lovely white feathers with those of a snow owl; this is a completely different kind of owl!

His cherry-red eyes pierce the depths of your being. Everything about this extremely uncommon (and genuine) albino bird is both magical and horrifying.

It’s never a bad day to admire owls’ facial expressions, and this unique bird does not disappoint.

Screech owls have golden eyes and are generally gray or rusty brown in color.

The owl’s eyes are completely devoid of melanin. The red we perceive is due to the iris reflecting the pink to crimson skin around its eyes, which is actually colorless.