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Egyptian mummy’s voice comes back to life after nearly 3,000 years

After nearly 3,000 years an Egyptian priest’s voice was brought back to life and was heard again.

This was made possible after scientists reproduced a mummified Egyptian priest’s voice with the help of artificial vocal cords that replicated how he sounded.

Nesyamun, an Egyptian priest, lived between 1099 and 1069 BC during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses XI.

As per reports, the mummy was put through a CT scan to get a clearer picture of his vocal tract.

With the help of artificial vocal cords, designed just how Nesyamun’s would have been, the experts could reproduce his voice that sounded like a vowel.

This is believed to have been the first such instance where an attempt has been made to reproduce the voice of a deceased person.

Experts hope to reproduce a whole sentence in Nesyamun’s voice artificially in the future.