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Dad lets 14-month old toddler play with 13 ft-PYTHON

Snake enthusiast Jamie Guarino insisted that his 14-month-old daughter was in no danger from the giant snake

This is the shocking moment a 13ft python wrapped itself around a toddler’s head – while her father watched on.

Snake enthusiast Jamie Guarino, from Walled Lake, Detroit, America, insisted that his 14-month-old daughter Alyssa was in no danger from their giant ten-year-old pet snake Nay-Nay at the time.

Although the video was shot six years ago, the debate over it has reignited after it was shared on Facebook on Monday by Beast Buddies, a media channel that showcases owners obsessed with their exotic pets.

Mr. Guarino said that he released the video to challenge people’s perceptions of snakes and to prove that human fears of them are often irrational.

“I was showing the simple fact that snakes are not evil creatures,” he said in the video.

“They can be a loving pet despite their bad reputation. My daughter was absolutely in no danger.”

“There are 95% more dog attacks than snake attacks,” he says in the video.

“When people see this clip they mostly react with fear or negativity and I don’t understand why because as you can see the snake is just roaming around and has no interest in biting her, choking her, or swallowing her,” he continued.

“This is an embedded fear and I think people are brainwashed.”

Mr. Guarino and another daughter of his called Krista run SnakeHunters TV, a YouTube Channel dedicated to changing perceptions about snakes.

People took to social media comment on the video.

Jennifer L Moyer wrote: “That thing is measuring the weight and mass of this kid for a future meal but….that’s none of my business.”

But Jody Lord disagreed and wrote: “To all those saying this is bad, this is crazy this is an accident waiting to happen a responsible helper knows their snakes know their temperament this is no more dangerous than leaving your baby with a kitten oh wait sorry the kitten actually poses more of a threat than this snake, get over yourselves!”

However, Terria Jean Walters shared a shocking story of her own about a snake and wrote: “My ex-boyfriend had a python around the same size.

“Never killed because he would feed the snake chickens by dangling it over the snake’s head….he swore the snake wouldn’t hurt any animals because it was raised differently…

“I believed him… but one day while gone the snake got out of its tank and ate my cat. I freaked out… I wanted the snake gone. He refused and in the middle of the night, I got up to go used, the bathroom and saw the snake had gotten out again and was halfway in the hallway and halfway on my 2-year-olds crib…

“If I hadn’t gotten up my daughter could have been eaten. I moved out and obviously left the guy. These parents aren’t being smart at all. That snake is driven by instinct.”