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Blind Elephant, Overworked And Abused For 70 Years, Sheds Tears Of Relief As Rescuers Bring Her To A Safe Park

She was passed between a number of hands and made to do different strenuous jobs before she could finally live the way she deserves.

For her entire life, an elephant named Sook Jai was overworked and slogged by her handlers. For seven whole decades, she experienced violence and unkind treatment before she was rescued to live the rest of her life in peace.

By the age of 73, the elephant had been used for begging in the steerts and even used for trekking as a tourist elephant. By the time she was rescued, she had completely lost her eyesight and most of her ability to hear. “Sook Jai’s life is much the same as every captive elephant, working many different jobs over the course of their lives, some more arduous than others, all an affront to their dignity,” said Elephant News in their YouTube video description. “Sook Jai’s life passed through the hands of a number of men. She moved from job to job and from one place to another, working relentlessly until falling down.”

When kind rescuers found out about her, they decided to free her from the cruelty and shift her to the Elephant Nature Park, which would become her new home. But when they arrived to take her, they found her in a very bad shape with a number of wounds.

“She was in very poor condition with a lot of wounds on her head and her body as each time she was treated with violence,” said the Elephant Nature Park website in 2017. “On 24th January… Elephant Nature Park’s rescue team went to pick her up from a location near Kanchanaburi province, west Thailand.”

Her rescuers did all that they could to keep the elephant comfortable during the 20-hour journey to the Elephant Nature Park. “On the ride, she looked very hungry but would not eat anything as the suspense was too much,” the website said. “After 20 hours of journey, she arrived at the park and took her first step to the sanctuary. Sook Jai was very easy to get off of the truck to her new home.”

Although Sook Jai was old, blind, and partially deaf, she could sense that she was in her new room and the rescuers saw tears streaming down the elephant’s face. “Sook Jai reached up her trunk to smell her new home, sending low rumbles out into the field, tears running down her face,” Elephant News wrote on YouTube. “A peaceful life is hers now. Though her eyes are dim and hearing faint, we hope that love will be a light for her living.”

People who saw her rescued video were moved and happy for Sook Jai. “I cried the moment I saw she cried and waiving her trunk. She knows she’s free now. Please save and rescue more and more elephants, together we can do it!” said Yuhong Cui while Denise Lancaster wrote, “Absolutely wonderful to see her finally rescued. May the time she has left make up for her harsh life of labour & cruelty. Thank you to her rescuers.”

After decades of being used as nothing but a source of labor, Sook Jai found a place she can call hom, where she can rest and recoup her lost energy. Not being able to see and not being able to hear properly did not stop her from exploring the park, rolling in the mud pit, and doing things that elephants love to do. The little moments of joy were satisfying not just for herself but everyon who worked hard to get her to a nurturing space. Sook Jai received a lot of love from those around her and Elephant Nature Park shared moments of her thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Sook Jai, our recent rescued elephant, explore her new home and she learn so fast,” Elephant Nature Park wrote on Facebook. “Even though she is totally blind and cannot hear well but she knows where is the mud pit and she can get scratching on her back with the wooden bar easily. We are so proud of her strong spirit and love to see she enjoy the rest of her life at our park happily.”