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BFF of a young girl Golden Retriever always waits for the bus and carries her backpack home.

Any dog owner will tell you that there is nothing a loyal dog will not do to make a person happy. Isn’t it true that just being around a dog brings a family extra joy? These furry creatures work wonders because they make everything seem more fun and special.

Having said that, there’s no telling what their limitations are. Dogs can be anything and anyone because they are always willing to go above and beyond.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming story about humans and dogs, look no further!

The adorable bond between Kody, a Golden Retriever, and Autumn, his human sister, will melt your heart.

Kody and Autumn first met three years ago, when Kody was a tiny pup and Autumn was a little munchkin. “The moment they first met, it was true love,” her mother says. It’s true love, and it’s only grown stronger over time.

Their bond grew stronger over time, and you would rarely see them apart. Kody formed a special bond not only with the little girl, but also with the rest of the family. He is such a sweet and gentle furry canine.

Autumn and Kody will only be apart when Autumn is at school.

Although it is unavoidable, the Golden Retriever will always make the most of his time with Autumn once she returns home. In fact, he would patiently wait for his BFF/little sister at the bus stop.