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“Apollo Liger” Meet The ‘World’s Largest Cat’, A 319 Kg Lion-Tiger Crossbreed

The five-year-old feline, named Apollo, is the hybrid offspring of a male lion and a female tiger.

Incredible images of animal conservationists Mike Holston and Kody Antle taking Apollo for a walk in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, put into perspective just how huge he is.

Some have compared him to the largest species of prehistoric sabre-toothed tiger, which weighed up to 880lb, the Daily Mail reports.

Ligers are distinct from Tigons whose parents are a female lion and a male tiger in that they typically grow bigger than either parent species.

The rare hybrids first emerged in 19th century India and are only found in captivity, as lions and tigers live separately in the wild.

There are thought to be fewer than 1000 in the world.

Even among ligers, Apollo is a rarity.

He and his three brothers became the first white ligers in the world when they were born in December 2013 from a white male lion and white female tiger.

At the time, Apollo was the smallest, with his owners saying he behaved more like a house kitten, purring all the time and always demanding to be stroked.

According to Guinness World Records, the record for the the largest living cat belongs to Hercules, an adult male liger also living at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, who is also Apollo’s uncle.

Hercules weighs more than 900lbs and is 11 feet tall when standing on his hind legs.

His daily meat consumption is around 20lb of beef or chicken each day.