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Ancient Egyptian coffins from 2,600 years ago were opened for the first time ever

A 2,600-year-old mummy was discovered when one of the 59 ancient Egyptian coffins that had been found was opened.

Archaeologists have really opened one of the amazing 2,600-year-old coffins that were discovered in Saqqara last month, as reported by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquity.

To everyone’s amazement, the mummies within the incredibly well-preserved wood coffins was even more intact than the coffins themselves, which still had part of their paint on them.

A body dressed in elaborate burial linen was discovered when the researchers lifted the sarcophagus’ lid in front of a crowd of curious spectators; more than two millennia after the person was buried, the cloth’s inscriptions and vibrant patterns were still in situ!

According to early study, scholars think that the ancient coffins include the remains of priests, government leaders, and other notable people

Along with the coffins, there were also found to be 28 sculptures of Ptah-Soker and one figure of Nefertum. The owner’s name, Priest Badi-Amun, was engraved on the latter.

A composite god known as Ptah-Soker is shown in burial settings. The god is made up of Soker, a falcon god of the Memphis necropolis, and Ptah, a creator god who served as the local deity of the ancient city of Memphis. Since Nefertum is Ptah’s younger partner, they are frequently seen together in art.

The coffins and statues are just the beginning of what might be found, according to Khaled al-Anani, minister of tourism and antiquities.

I believe that today is only the start of the major discovery; the discovery is not over today. The coffins will be displayed at the soon-to-open Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, whatever is still to come. Numerous new discoveries made by archaeologists will be among the hundreds of relics on display in the museum.

Here is a video from NBC News that demonstrates how the sarcophagus opens and the state of preservation of the mummy within.