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A Trillion-Dollar Treasure Has Just Been Discovered Underneath This Indian Temple?!

The 16th century Kerala temple in India served as the royal chapel of Travancore’s former monarchs.

Five years ago, one of its six vaults, marked A, was unlocked, revealing hundreds of millions of dollars in gold coins, gems, and diamonds.

An expert panel entrusted with inventorying assets at Kerala’s famed Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple has petitioned the Supreme Court for permission to examine an as-yet-unopened vault, a vault containing incomprehensible riches, igniting a legal struggle with religious officials.

The temple, which is located in India’s heartland, is regarded as the country’s wealthiest and is one of several Hindu shrines that store vast quantities of cash and rare stones. The wealth was amassed over many years by religious offerings from devotees.

Six chambers are located deep under the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. Every six months, two of them are unlocked, and two more are unlocked during daily rituals. The remaining two vaults – A and B – are kept undiscovered.

The historic coins unearthed in the apartments alone weighted more than 600 kg, according to temple sources. There were around 200,000 pieces reported, with 600 of them holding expensive stones. A single locket was supposed to contain 997 gems. Diamonds, expensive stones, necklaces, golden crowns, and pots were among the items on the inventory list, according to sources.

An assessment of the assets indicated that a considerable amount of gold had mysteriously gone, according to the India Times. According to sources, up to 769 gold pots and silver bars have been taken. Some believe that concealed tunnels beneath the Chamber allow the architects to lock the doors from the inside, making it difficult to breach. This concealed corridor appears to have allowed the looting of the treasure hoard to continue for many years without being detected.

The Indian Court, on the other hand, has not formally verified the existence of the hidden inner Chamber beyond Vault B. This Chamber is reported to have thick walls made of pure gold, and it is where the genuine riches is thought to be concealed, dwarfing everything unearthed thus far. It’s possible that it’s hiding the world’s greatest uncovered treasure. The temple is not only gold-plated, but also looks to be gold-filled.

An expert team from the Centre for Earth Science Studies rejected rumors that the B vault has an undersea conduit linking to the Arabian Sea. The team led by Dr. Ajyakumar Verma detected tiny holes and drained them around places they deemed unimportant.

Chamber B is not included in the Temple’s official Treasury. Deity idols and a variety of other artifacts needed to strengthen the Principal Deity’s power are kept in the holy Chamber.

According to an inventory document dated August of 2014, the stolen Vault A still contained over 2,000 pounds of gold coins dating from around 200 B.C.

It was also revealed if a pure Golden Throne, adorned with hundreds of diamonds and other highly costly stones, was designed for the seating of a previous giant estimated to be 18 feet tall.

Many more large, often giant, antique solid gold crowns were also uncovered, all encrusted with diamonds and other costly stones.

The diamonds are supposed to have been accumulated in the temple’s vaults over thousands of years, having been donated to the gods by many dynasties and kings. We’ll keep you updated on what they find in the vault.