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A Strange UFO Was Captured by a Man Next to Area 51 Base

Even the most ardent ufologists admit that there are aliens held captive at the famed American Area 51 facility and that the same location also has “broken” extraterrestrial technology.

Internet people are still being persuaded by proponents of this global conspiracy that something unusual and bad is happening in this covert US military base.

One piece of proof for this ufology idea is the frequent reports of UFO sightings at Area 51 in Nevada, not to mention the fact that the military installation is well guarded as if the army wants to prove the conspiracy theorists are correct.

An resident of Rachel, Nevada – the closest town to Area 51 – set up a motion sensor camera in their garden and was shocked to see the results. After the person reviewed the footage, they noticed a strange metallic looking object zoom past in the distance. The object is long and thin and moves at a rapid pace.

The video was quickly uploaded to the YouTube channel FilmGuy, along with the caption: “Here in Rachel, Nevada. Got this footage on my motion sensor camera.

“Unbelievable, not sure if it’s a jet or some aircraft I haven’t seen before. Pretty cool nonetheless.”

UFOs were seen and further footage was taken close to Rachel, a small settlement in the Nevada desert with only a few of people. Flying at remarkable speeds that were not typical of Earth’s flying aircraft, UFOs were seen close to this secret facility, Area 51.

As Rachel is situated so close to Area 51, conspiracy theorists obviously linked the two together, claiming it must have come from the top secret military base.

Prominent alien hunter Scott C Waring wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “The sound is just like that of a jet, but clearly the object is a metallic disk.
“So perhaps the sound is merely the noise of the UFO pushing aside the wind as it shoots across. Clearly another top secret Area 51 project.

“Imagine a fleet of these American craft flying over other countries. Puts the fear into those who see them.”

The sighting comes just as two million people have signed up to an event on Facebook called ‘Storm Area 51’.

According to the description of the event, attendees will meet nearby and storm the top secret base on September 20.

Aliens are reportedly flying over the site to acquire further information, according to the person who made the video that captured the UFO near the facility today. Alien visitors wouldn’t come here as frequently if the military installation didn’t have something exciting to offer.

Watch the video down below.