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Woman Sees Saddest Goldfish At Pet Store — And Changes His Life Forever

Lacey Scott was shopping for supplies at a neighborhood pet store in Kansas City, Missouri, more than a year ago. She was there when a little animal’s bored expression fully attracted her interest, and she didn’t stop staring at it the entire time.

A melancholy goldfish that didn’t appear to want to survive was lying at the bottom of a dismal, dark fish bowl. The dullest animal Lacey had ever seen was him.

Lacey stated to The Dodo:

He appeared to be under stress. His eyes were hazy, and his complexion was exceedingly drab.

The fish was 10 years old and had spent a considerable amount of time in that dim tank, a store staffer informed Lacey. Additionally, he discovered that before being sent to the store, the fish had a personal artificial pond in someone’s house. She deduced that the little child had given up on seeking a new, cozy home.

Says Lacey

“I was thinking about him nonstop. I couldn’t face the idea of a fish that had lived for so long withering away and dying in a pet shop.”So, Lacey approached the shop proprietors about bringing the little fish home.

Nobody realized that the little fish’s best days were still ahead of it; it only needed another opportunity. When he returned home, Lacey constructed a temporary pond for the fish he dubbed “Monstro” using a variety of items.She gave him the highest-quality fish food and changed his water every day to keep it pristine. Monstro didn’t appear eager to take advantage of his new, pleasant existence, though, and he didn’t even move to eat.

Despite this, Lacey persisted in providing him with particular attention, and as a result, little by little, things started to change.

Says Lacey: “After a month, I discovered that he was occasionally swimming. I immediately fell in love with him at that point.