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Unusual Ginger Seal That Was Spotted In A Island Has A Uniquely-Colored Fur And Eyes

Have you ever seen an albino seal? Well, there is your chance.This lovely ginger seal was spotted in the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia. Experts say that “the chances of such a partial albino birth are one in 100,000.”

Can you imagine that?

This amazing albino seal was seen in August 11, 2020 at Tyuleny Island.Biologist Vladimir Burkanov has said that this albino seal in very healthy and a little bigger than other seals. Burkanov says that this seal might be blind. This cutie might be 3 or 4 weeks old.

“‘Ugly Duckling’—albino fur seals are a rare occurrence. They actually look more red than white. This is a clear albino without any pigmentation even in its eyes,” the biologist wrote in the description of the video.

I am amazed of watching this albino seal. What do you think?