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The python нᴀɴԍs itself to swallow the marsupial outside the window of the house

A man in the state of Queensland, Australia, recorded from his bedroom window the scene of a giant python strangling and swallowing a marsupial while dangling from a tree branch.David Reynolds, a resident of Townsville, a city in northern Queensland state, saw the python dangling from a tree next to his bedroom on the morning of December 30 and decided to take a series of photos, Mogaz News reported.

The python lurks in the Reynolds yard to hunt marsupials and devour its prey from the head. According to Reynolds, the python took more than 2.5 hours to complete the meal.

“It rested in the tree for about 30 minutes, then slowly crawled down and disappeared into the dense garden behind my house,” Reynolds said. Large pythons are very common in northern Queensland, especially during the warm months.