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Starving Dog In Greece Is Now Recovering Thanks To Rescuers

When a dog is abandoned, it leaves a lasting scar that takes so much time, love, and care to heal.

For the volunteers at Diasozo Animal Rescue Team in Karditsa, Greece, this love and care has become a life’s mission.The area sees many strays and abandoned hunting dogs due to its rural location, and they are at risk of starving before getting help. Fortunately, one such stray, now named Kasia, has been rescued by the group and is beginning her road to recovery!

The heartbreaking video of Kasia shows her dire condition on the summer day she was rescued. When the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team, led by Ermioni Giannakou, shows up, Kasia immediately begins wagging her tail and coming closer to the group, instinctively sensing that they’re there to help.

While she was wearing a collar, she wasn’t microchipped. The team takes her to the vet for a check-up, where they find that she is severely malnourished and suffering from leishmaniasisa s well as mange, heartworm, and scabies.

Kasia’s sweet disposition shows that she still has faith in people, even though she was left for ԀeαԀ . With treatment and care at the Diasozo team’s facilities, she has already started to improve. Writing on Facebook, the group said “she’s an absolute sweetheart and has a fantastic character and really loves being around us, she adores people! She’s going to be ok, and thanks to your support now has a comfortable bed and warm blankets.”

Kasia is just one of the dozens of dogs that call the Diasozo rescue compound home. While her many conditions mean that it will be months before she fully recovers, she is in the perfect environment to do so.

The Diasozo team loves spending time with each dog and talking to them to create a bond. The team shared an update a few days after the initial post that detailed Tasia’s story. When Tasia was “collected from way up on the road to the mountains, [she was] a dog so malnourished and riddled with mange we couldn’t even be sure of her breed (Setter, we think!)” Now, with the love and support of her rescuers, Tasia has a bright future ahead of her.

The team at Diasozo Animal Rescue relies on donations for support and to pay their veterinary bills. Check out their Facebook post below for more information on Tasia’s rescue and information on how you can make a difference for the strays in Diasozo, Greece!