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SpaceX: Musk Mystery deepens as SpaceX secret launch could be NEW US spy agency

SPACEX’S most recent launch contained “four unidentified payloads”, and an expert has told they may belong to a new US spy agency.


Last week, astronomers pointed out that something weird was happening on one of Musk’s Falcon 9 launches.According to SpaceX, the rocket was only carrying one satellite belonging to communications operator Globalstar, even though the rocket has the capability to carry so much more.These suspicions were confirmed at an official space catalogue of satellites recorded four US Government known probes tagging along with the flight.

These satellites, which were labelled USA 328, USA 329, USA 330 and USA 331, were shared on Twitter by astrophysicist Dr Jonathan McDowell.Speaking to, Dr McDowell noted that, as satellites get smaller thanks to advancements in technology, it is becoming increasingly common for unrelated satellites to be paired together on a launch, which then allows for secretive missions like this.He added that his “best guess” was that these satellites belonged to the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which builds, launches and operates spy satellites for the US.

However, he noted that this launch was particularly secretive, even for an NRO satellite. He said: “The things that were different about this launch is that it wasn’t announced in advance that there would be classified payloads onboard.

“They’re satellites that the US Government acknowledges as its own but isn’t going to tell you what they’re up to.”

According to Dr McDowell, there were many questions about the launch.He said: “SpaceX could have said a day before the launch that they’re going to be secret satellites on board without saying anything more about them.“But they didn’t do that, and that seems unnecessarily coy.