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Smart wildebeest kicks lions to escape spectacularly

In confrontations with lions, wildebeest often lose the battle and become prey. However, there are times, the antelope has turned the situation around, sometimes it can knock a few lions away, sometimes there are kicks to miraculously escape.

Wildebeest is considered the weaker animal when confronting lions. They are often targeted by lions in hunting.Although many times received tragic endings under the lion’s clutches, photographers also recorded many images of the spectacular escape of wildebeest. This image shows the lion tired from chasing antelope and dizzy from the wiggling moves of its prey.


And in this case, the lion was attacked by the antelope, scared to run away. Antelope kicks a kick straight into the lion’s jaw. It used its feet to push the lion’s head to one side and then jumped over the mighty animal to find a way to run.

The antelope often jumps over the lion to escape. The lion faltered at the threat, the bravery of the wildebeest. The lion sat still, not daring to attack when the antelope turned around and pointed its sharp horns at him. Being chased, the antelope turned angry back to chase the lion.