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Russia’s Navy receives modernized Ka-27M multipurpose helicopters

The Russian naval aviation has received upgraded Ka-27M multipurpose helicopters, said in the press service of the ‘Russian Нelicopters, JSC’.

As we were told at press service, the batch of upgraded Ka-27M multipurpose helicopters was formally transferred to the Russian naval aviation. The Russian Navy Deputy Commander-in-Chief for Naval Aviation, Major-General Igor Kozhin had previously said that all the Ka-27 multipurpose helicopters would be modernized.

The Ka-27M is an improved version of the Soviet-made ship-based anti-submarine helicopter. The helicopter can be also used for search and rescue operations and evacuation. The Ka-27M has a new command and tactical system. It features real-time information sharing from ground sources, naval command posts and other maritime aircraft. The aircraft boasts a significantly increased detection range.

Powered by two TV3-117KM turboshaft engines, the helicopter can operate in conditions up to sea state 5 and at ranges up to 107 nautical miles (nm) from the take-off pads. The operating time of one mission could be 4.5h, with enough fuel left for a 45min flight. The Ka-27M can carry up to four APR-3E light acoustic homing torpedoes or four groups of Zagon-1 anti-submarine corrected air bombs.