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Quokkas Have Been Named The World’s Happiest Animals Because Of Their Tiny Smiles And Toothy Grins

Have you ever seen a wild animal with a smile-inducing facial expression? This is something that the charming quokkas can assure you about.

Quokkas are noted for their joyful faces, which range from little smiles to toothy grins. People call them the happiest animals in the planet.

Let’s have a peek at how these incredible animals seem. Their small cheeks, round ears, huge noses, and tiny paws make them wonderfully adorable from all angles. Quokkas are about the size of a domestic cat and belong to the Macropodidae family, which includes wallabies and kangaroos.

Quokkas have ouches in their abdomens, much like the rest of the family, for bearing their young. Their rear legs are very strong, allowing them to kick and jump. Quokkas are sociable creatures. Tourists are welcome to approach, touch, and even pose with these fluffy and amusing characters.

Please bear in mind that when these wild creatures feel threatened, they may bite us. Quokkas eat bark, shrubs, plants, grass, stalks, and leaves as part of their diet.

There’s something intriguing about the way these creatures eat. Quokkas swallow their food whole and then regurgitate and consume it, rather than chewing and swallowing it immediately after placing it in their mouth. As a result, they obtain more nourishment from their meals.

Quokkas like densely forested habitats such as trees, bushes, wetlands, and other densely forested regions. They can conceal better from predators like as cats, dogs, foxes, dingoes, and snakes as a result of this.

Quokkas are noted for their high rate of reproduction. They can give birth twice a year and have 15 to 17 children during their lifespan.