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Poor Dog Helplessly Waits for Owner Without Knowing That His Owner Sold House and Abandoned Him

Oscar is a lovely dog who was abandoned when his owners decided to relocate and simply left him. Oscar was lost for months, sitting quietly at the front door of his house, waiting for his owners to return, but they never did.

The previous owner of this house sold it and abandoned his dog on the street. Oscar was well aware that this was his home and that his family would return.

But they would not, however, return. As a result, he sat at the entrance, feeling sadder and more concerned by the day.The neighbors decided to feed Oscar in turns. He also made friends with a cat in the neighborhood. Despite the fact that he was well cared for, he was depressed and missed his family.

When his story was heard, rescuers went to his place and rescued him. He remained lovely and friendly even after being let down by his humans.However Love Furry Buddies would intervene and take him right into their care!

He was taken to the Animal Hospital and bathed before being treated for parasites. He was taken to the beach for an adoption photograph after being treated at an animal-friendly beauty salon.Oscar drew the attention of a loving family that wanted to adopt him right away. Oscar now has the nicest life possible, complete with a Yorkie and a loving family.

They helped him out and shared his story on social media, which received a lot of attention. The adorable child would undoubtedly be adopted soon!