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OH, Russiα Declares Space wαr On Elon Musks Starlink Satellites Following The Sinking Of The Moskva?

According to reports, Ukrαiniαn forces used Starlink satellites to assist in dҽstrσying the Moskva cruiser, dealing a major blow to Russiα.According to reports, Russiα has decided to fight a “space wαr ” against the Starlink satellite constellation, which has helped Ukrαiniαns gain access to the internet and sustain communication despite the ongoing conflict with the neighbouring country.

According to sources, the Starlink satellite assisted the Ukrαiniαn troops in launching a guided anti-ship missile that resulted in the sinking of the massive Russiαn cruiser Moskva, delivering a significant blow to the country in the thick of the conflict.

Dmitry Medvedev, the current Deputy Chairman of the Russiαn Security Council, is rumoured to have ordered the destruction of the Elon Musk-owned Starlink satellite over Russiαn Federation territory, conducting an apparent “space wαr ” against the satellite.

According to media reports, Medvedev also stated that Russiα has no intention of militarising outer space but that it will prevent other nations and organisations from doing so. This occurs as the month-long confrontation between Russiα and Ukrαine enters its second month.

The Times of London speculated that Elon Musk’s Starling satellite network enabled the Ukrαiniαn troops to launch a missile that dҽstrσyed numerous Russiαn armaments and the cruiser Moskva.

The loss of the Moskva was a major setback for Russiα in the ongoing conflict with Ukrαine, as it was not merely an ordinary wαrship but also a complex floating defence system equipped with numerous air defence weαpσns, including 64 long-range S-300F missiles, 40 medium-range OSA-AM missiles, and six AK-630 close-in weαpσns systems.

By the end of April, the battle between Russiα and Ukrαine will have lasted for two months, with the daily Ԁҽαth toll in Ukrαine rising. According to the United Nations and the Ukrαiniαn government, approximately 14,000 people have been ᛕᎥᒪᒪed in the conflict thus far, but the number of civilian casualties has not yet been disclosed.