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ɴuᴄʟᴇᴀʀ war fear as Putin’s space chief boasts Russiα could wipe out NATO in 30 minutes

A Russiα politician has warned Moscow can obliterate NATO countries within 30 minutes in the event of a Nυcleαr wαr.

Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of Russiα’s State Space Corporation “Roscosmos” and former deputy Prime Minister for defence, has issued a grim warning about Moscow’s Nυcleαr strength. He claimed on Sunday it would take only half an hour for Russiα to ᴅᴇsᴛʀᴏʏᴇᴅ NATO countries, but insisted it should not be allowed to happen. Mr Rogozin said on his Telegram channel: “In a Nυcleαr wαr, NATO countries will be ᴅᴇsᴛʀᴏʏᴇᴅ by us in half an hour. “But we must not allow it, since the consequences of an exchange of Nυcleαr sᴛʀɪᴋᴇs will affect the state of our Earth.

“NATO is waging wαr against us. It has not declared it, but it doesn’t change anything. Now it’s obvious to everyone.

“The Ukrαiniαn national battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukrαine are consumables, cannon fodder for NATO, they are just operators trained by NATO instructors who press the levers and buttons of NATO weαpσns.

Addressing Vladimir Putin’s February 24 announcement of the ‘special military operation’ in Ukrαine, Mr Rogozin noted it had gone beyond its original meaning. The politician said it is now a “wαr for the truth and the right of Russiα to exist as a single and independent state”.

He also stressed defeating a NATO-backed Ukrαine is only possible with Russiα’s full military power.

Mr Rogozin said the mobilisation of the state economy and the transfer of the military-industrial complex and related industrial sectors of Russiα to a military footing “must be done immediately and quickly”. On Friday, Russiα’s foreign ministry spokesman said it will not use Nυcleαr weαpσns in Ukrαine.

Alexei Zaitsev told reporters the use of Nυcleαr weαpσns by Russiα was not applicable to its ‘special military operation’ in Ukrαine.

Despite this, Russiα shared it had test-launched its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile in April. Putin was shown on television being told by the military the missile had been launched from Plesetsk in the north-west and hit targets in the Kamchatka peninsula in the far east. Speaking after the missile launch, Putin said: “The new complex has the highest tactical and technical characteristics and is capable of overcoming all modern means of anti-missile defence.

“It has no analogues in the world and will not have for a long time to come. “This truly unique weαpσns will strengthen the combat potential of our armed forces, reliably ensure Russiα’s security from external threats and provide food for thought for those who, in the heat of frenzied aggressive rhetoric, try to threaten our country.”

Russiα is expected to deploy the Sarmat with 10 or more warheads on each missile, according to the US Congressional Research Service. Meanwhile, weαpσns expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon told Putin could drop a tactical Nυcleαr weαpσns on Ukrαine tomorrow amid Victory Day celebrations to “change the shape of the wαr”. “The biggest concern is perhaps the use or direct threat of use of a tactical/battlefield Nυcleαr weαpσns.

“If things are still going so badly on May 9, which is likely, Putin could decide that a nuke is the only way to change the shape of the wαr.